What's inside your protein bar? How BYLD Bar compares to the rest

What's inside your protein bar? How BYLD Bar compares to the rest
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The first ingredient matters. 

The order of ingredients listed in a nutrition panel tells you how much of each ingredient there is. So for example, if a bar lists "brown rice syrup" as the first ingredient, that means that brown rice syrup is the most used ingredient. 
If you're looking for something that is high in quality protein, opt for a product that lists protein as the first ingredient. 
naturally sweetened

Not all sugar is created equal.

Most companies cut corners and use sugar alcohols & artificial sweeteners to advertise "low carb" or "low sugar" in their bars. While these sweeteners are technically lower in calories, our bodies don't know how to digest these synthetic ingredients properly causing bloating, gas, and gut inflammation. 
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Fake fibers & flavorings - get out of here.

Look out for products advertising "prebiotic fibers" or "high fiber" in their bars. These claims are achieved by using fake fiber syrups (chicory root fiber, tapioca fiber, allulose) that are typically derived from gmo-corn.

These isolated fiber extracts used in many low carb foods are now under FDA investigation. Are they unhealthy? No, though some can cause severe digestive distress. However, they're not real fibers that we assume them to be. 

Are "natural" flavors dangerous? Not necessarily. While they originally come from plant or animal sources, they are then chemically manipulated in a lab to make foods hyper palatable and addictive - which then cause you to overeat. 

What's the impact of these unnecessary  ingredients found in other bars? 

Gastrointestinal issues and inflammation of the gut.

i.e. bloating, gas, inability to properly absorb nutrients, feeling "sluggish" or "heavy", and overeating from addictive additives.


These additives help extend shelf life, prevent natural oil separation, and enhance taste, but it's at the cost of the consumer. We had it with these other bars and why BYLD Bar is the first high protein bar that gives you premium high-quality protein (plant protein + marine collagen), antioxidant superfoods, and THAT'S IT.

Flip to the back of a BYLD Bar and know you're getting the best.