COVID-19: Note from the founders

To our BYLD Bar family,

No doubt these unprecedented times leave us feeling all sorts of ways. We're learning and accepting the new norm with ‘social distancing’ and ‘quarantine’, and it's a time like this that reminds us that our mission to 'BYLD a stronger YOU' is more important now than ever. While our lives may not feel as active and busy as they usually are, perhaps we can take this time to feel strong in different ways -- how we adapt to these necessary changes, how we motivate ourselves to make conscious decisions for our health and wellbeing at home, and how we continue to connect with and empower others virtually.

We are here for you during this time and will continue to deliver products you can rely on. Our production and fulfillment facilities are following strict CDC cleaning and disinfecting procedures. We are committed to our core values of fueling bodies with nourishing, clean ingredients to keep you strong and healthy. Plus, the cacao in our bars are rich in magnesium - known to help boost mood, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep - which we can all use right now.
We've been reflecting this past week and found building BYLDing each other up helps us get out of our heads and be more hopeful about the future. We forget how much of an impact we can have on others.

Here’s what's working for us:

  • Schedule Facetime dates with friends and family over morning coffee or meals throughout the day
  • Ask someone "How are you? How can I help?" and respond genuinely when they ask you the same.
  • Cheer others on for hanging in there
  • Take a (socially distanced) walk outside in nature

We encourage you to support small businesses, local restaurants, cheer on our heroic healthcare workers on the frontline, and advocate for your mental and physical health. Let’s choose to see this as an opportunity to get stronger, together. 

Stay strong,
Michelle + Nikki